Laboratorijski tlačni reaktor s ekranom osjetljivim na dodir

HXCHEM prilagoditi razne laboratorijske tlačne reaktore s mehaničkim miješanjem/ laboratorijske stolne reaktore/ stolne tlačne reaktore s miješalicama/ stolne autoklave s miješalicama/ laboratorijske tlačne autoklave s miješalicama/ laboratorijske hastelloy reaktore/ mikrotlačne reaktore/ laboratorijske titanijske reaktore/ tlačne reaktore s magnetskim miješanjem/ tlačne reaktore od 100 ml / 500ml tlačni reaktori/ 250ml tlačni reaktori/ visokotlačni reaktori.

  • Kina
  • 20 dana nakon uplate
  • 40 kompleta/mjesečno


Bench top lab pressure reactor


This series mechanical stirring lab pressure reactor/ lab bench top reactor/ Bench top stirred pressure reactor/ Bench top stirred autoclave/ Lab stirred pressure autoclave is available for 50ml-1000ml, 100bar maximum operate pressure, temeprature up to 300℃ reaction & laboratory test. This kinds of reactor can be placed on the table of laboratory.

lab pressure reactor Bench top pressure reactors

Direct vertical drive by motor and magnetic coupling drivers. Magnetic drivers (static seal) have advantages of no leakage, smooth run, low noise and easy operation, which is widely used for various chemical reaction in laboratory, under high pressure, high vacuum and high temperature condition.


  • Lab bench top high pressure reactor autoclaves 

  • Volume: 50ml, 100ml,  200ml, 250ml,  300ml, 500ml;

  • Pressure up to 100bar;

  • Temperature up to 300℃;

  • Standard materials:SS-304, SS-316, Hastelloy C276, Titanium;

  • Direct driven zero leakage magnetic coupling agitator;

  • Pressure sensor display and temperature sensor;

  • Rupture disc for safety operation;

  • Internal cooling coils with water tap;

  • Touch screen with temperature, pressure & stirring speed control & display. USB output;

  • Gas/liquid inlet & outlet with needle valve control.

Mechanical stirring lab pressure reactorlab pressure reactor Bench top pressure reactors


Bench top pressure reactor standard specification table

Material capacity50ml100ml250ml500ml1000ml
Max temperatureStandard 300°C,maximum up to 400°C
Operate pressureStandard l00bar; Max pressure up to 250bar
Heating modeModule heating;
The heating power600W
Stining speed0-1500rpm
Stirring methodTop mechanical stirring with magnetic drives
The stirring power150W150W200W200W200W
MOCStandard SS316L (Titanium, Hastelloy C-276 optional)

1 x Liquid/Sampling port with ferrules needle valve and dip tube; 

1 xGas port with needle valve; Pressure sensor with burst dise;

Temp. port with PT100 sensor; Internal cooling coils(Optional)

   Customer is advised to select best suited options for most optimized price & delivery.

Mechanical stirring lab pressure reactor lab pressure reactor 

Bench top pressure reactors Mechanical stirring lab pressure reactor

HXCHEM customize various mechanical stirring lab pressure reactor/ lab bench top reactor/ Bench top stirred pressure reactor/ Bench top stirred autoclave/ Lab stirred pressure autoclave/ Lab hastelloy reactors/ Lab titanium reactors/ Magnetic stirring pressure reactors/ 100ml pressure reactors/ 500ml pressure reactors/ 250ml pressure reactors/ high pressure reactors. Our laboratory reactor applicated in Laboratory chemical development; High pressure none leakage application;Corrosion test, and catalyst test;Scale-up;Pilot-Plant; Small-scale production; Hydrogenation;Catalytic Reaction;

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